First week of work

Lots of unboxing, running around, playing with new gear, meeting new people and having a blast while doing it.

Built a Server 2012 DC on a workstation to handle temporary logins for users until the Ballarat site is hooked in to the global network, set up 4x ADSL2+ connections for temporary internet access to then be the backup/guest network. Racked, connected and configured 2x Fortinet FortiGate 200D appliances and configured policy based routes to get the Fusion Broadband ADSL2+ connections from one server room, through the DMZ link, over fiber to another server room incoming to it’s DMZ link, and distributed to the LAN clients. Got there in the end!

Now that all the computers and monitors are out on desks, the next task is creating a base Windows 7 image with Office 2013 and some other bits and pieces to then distribute to the rest. ImageX and WDS will be used for this. Fun fun!

IMG_20141007_082757 IMG_20141007_145807 IMG_20141008_091217 IMG_20141008_091247 IMG_20141008_091309 IMG_20141008_152621 IMG_20141008_154915 IMG_20141009_140933 IMG_20141009_142343 IMG_20141009_161709 IMG_20141010_124059


One false start and a bit over one month after the initial install date, we’re finally online with NBN!

I’ve chosen to go with Exetel on a 100/40 500GB plan for $89/month, and managed to use over 100GB in updates and streaming in 2 days… might need to up that to unlimited for $10 more… hmmm….





New tent and location!

In continuing my completely ad-hoc use of this blog, here’s an update!

We bought a new tent. It’s going to be used for camping. Pretty revolutionary stuff. The tent is the best I’ve ever had. Bastard of a thing to get up at first, but then I pulled my head out and pinned all the corners down which made the process a hell of a lot easier.

Alice and I have also moved to Ballarat Victoria!

I’ve gotten myself a nice IT job here which I’m stoked about. Started today and my heads still spinning at all the possibilities :) Looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Here’s some happy snaps.