udemy Cisco CCENT courses by Lazaro Diaz discounted!

Now that I’m in the end stages of study for my CCENT exam I am finding all of the study material that I possibly can. In my travels I came across udemy and Lazaro Diaz’s courses which are now discounted by 90% or more! The discount is only valid until Oct 16, 2016 5:59 PM! So get in […]

Preparing for the Cisco CCENT certification

So for many years I have taken many half-hearted attempts at preparing myself for a Cisco CCNA exam, but never really got off the starting block. I would read some articles online, get a PDF from here, a training video from there, and attempt to retain the knowledge of all these different sources. Often they would […]

Windows 7 Kiosk Build

I was recently asked to create some easy to use Kiosk machines for work that would be as locked down as possible, and provide a familiar and easy experience for our staff. My first thought was Linux, and sure enough there were quite a few flavours out there to choose from when it came to pre-built […]


It’s probably about time I satisfy the gaming portion of this site title. For Christmas my most awesome girlfriend bought a PlayStation 4. We’ve been having a great time every day since playing The Lego Movie game and Little Big Planet 3 together, as well as me playing FarCry 4 and streaming my adventures on twitch using […]